PowerAllowance Challenge

Here's how you can do both - - reduce energy consumption and earn extra money. How much extra money will be mostly up to you. Here's how it works.

Light Switch OFF = Money Switch ON

When you conserve electricity at home, you get paid the money you save on your home's electric bill.

Imagine making money by just flipping a switch to OFF and leaving it there! You can be making money all the time, even when you're sleeping! When you don't want to be making money, just leave the switch ON. It's up to you - - you're the boss! It's your money!

How you get started . . .

Have your parents agree that it's alright for you to save electricity and ask if you can pocket some or all of the savings.

Your parents will tell you which light switches you can use in the challenge. Identify all the money switches in your home. The more you find and use, the more money you can make. Don't touch power switches that are not included in the challenge.

Tip Make sure that a brother or sister (or even your mom or dad) don't, by mistake, leave lights on and waste electricity and your money! This can happen often, so you may need to remind family members not to waste your electricity savings money.

Learn more about how the Power Allowance Challenge works so you can start making money by saving electricity. Ask your parent to read the program details on the "Parent's Page" link below. They will explain it all to you.

Remember, what you will be doing is not just about earning an increase in your allowance. You'll also be doing your part conserve electricity and save our planet.


Chris Healy
PowerAllowance Founder

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