Chris Healy

The Providence East Side

I moved to Providence 35 years ago,
after having lived in a lot of places - - New York, Boston, Cape Cod, Michigan, and even Japan. Location and a sense of home have always been important to me. At one time I strongly contemplated a career as an architect, but instead began restoring homes as a hobby and professionally helping people realize their real estate dreams as their Realtor.

I met my wife Clary in Providence (she was my next-door neighbor). Clary is from Chicago. After graduating from RISD, she decided to stay here. Clary is a master printmaker, wonderful chef, devoted mother and loves to restore old houses too.

We enjoyed raising our son in Providence's small Ivy League, college town environment. He is now away and on his own, but we still travel together to ski. In recent years we've skied Lake Tahoe, Alta, Whistler, Aspen and locally at Killington, Stowe and Sunday River.

Tex is the fourth member of our household. He is an Irish Wolfhound. Can't forget to mention Louie, our Manx cat.

I have a strong interest in decorative arts and design and collect antiques and books. I study history and investing.

Prior to 2005, I owned a successful manufacturing business that provided employment for 30 people. Now as a Realtor, I'm focused on the one-on-one relationships that develop when helping individuals achieve their real estate goals. I'm very good at what I do. Many of my real estate clients have become close personal friends.

I've toured many hundreds of Providence homes with buyers. Let me show you a couple of the East Side homes I've owned.

Blackstone neighborhood
I presently live in this Second Empire style home, built in 1890. When my wife and I bought this house, it had long been neglected. It needed a ton of work. Because of its poor condition, many thought it was a knockdown. The seller was unable to find a buyer willing to take on this complex project.

Well here it is today, after lots of love and careful restoration.

Benefit Street Colonial
I loved living on College Hill in the historic district. This house was built in 1801 and boasts 9 working fireplaces. It has wonderful views of the statehouse. We maintained the original monochromatic pumpkin color paint.

Check out the kitchen we designed and had built.

Apartment near Brown
In my twenties, I relocated to Providence and found an apartment in this lovely brick colonial near Brown. I loved the vibrant feel of the neighborhood and walkability to things that interested a bachelor, who was new to town. That was thirty years ago. Guess I like it here!