Once-in-a-lifetime . . .

Some of my client's families have lived in Providence for generations. Others are relocating from out-of-state and are looking to put down permanent roots. Some are part of the new "creative economy", free to live wherever they choose, as long as they can connect to the internet and are close to an airport. These individuals often choose the East Side of Providence for its uniqueness, easy sophistication and diversity - all contributing to the East Side's excellent quality-of-life. Still other clients anticipate living in Providence for a shorter, finite period, until they finish their studies, residency, or specific career assignment. These short-term residents are presented with, what may be, a once-in-their-lifetime opportunity - to live in a charming historic home within a beautiful, New England City. Their next home may be a co-op in Manhattan, or in the suburbs of D.C., San Francisco, or maybe London. All enviable locals for sure, but none I think, any more authentic, particular or memorable, than for a period of time, owning a historic home here in New England. I encourage them to, "Go for it!" It's a great experience that I wish everyone could experience once-in-a-lifetime.

Do you want to live in a charming older home in one of Providence's historic East Side neighborhoods? Contact Chris, the "Old-House Realtor". Chris will help you make it happen.