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The Providence East Side

Providence's Historic Plaque Houses

Providence's Marker Program for Historic Homes

Throughout the East Side, you see houses marked with white historic plaques bearing a name and date. These plaques identify the year the house was built along with the name of the house's original owner.

The Providence Preservation Society (PPS) administers the City's marker program. A committee of local architects, architectural historians and preservation consultants review applications for house markers. To qualify, the house must contribute in a positive way to our appreciation and understanding of Providence's unique architectural and historical heritage.

As part of the marker program, property histories are researched and are given to the property owners along with the house marker. A copy of each property's history is maintained as part of PPS's Gowdey Files collection, and a second copy is made available to the general public and researchers at the Rhode Island Historical Society Library.

It is the hope that these markers will serve not only to identify buildings of historical and architectural significance, but also that they will, through heightened community awareness, encourage the continuing care and preservation of individual buildings and neighborhoods.

View hundreds of Providence's historic homes and read about their histories. Access the Providence Preservation Society's Gowdey Library of
Providence Plaque Houses.

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