Chris Healy
The Providence East Side

Too many cooks . . .

Too many cooks? . . .

Everyone knows how many cooks it takes to spoil the broth!

Same with Realtors! Working with too many real estate agents is also a recipe for disaster. To efficiently and successfully find the best home, and buy it for the best price, here is my favorite recipe. First find one good professional Realtor. Make them your Exclusive "Buyer's Agent" and task them with managing the home buying process from start to closing.

I'd like you to interview and consider me for this important job. I will represent you well, be very honest, promise good communication and use all my resources to find the best homes for you to consider. Then I will negotiate the best price on your behalf and walk you through the process of financing, home inspections and closing. I'd like this opportunity to represent you - - to be your Buyers Agent.

Want a Certified Buyer's Agent on your side?
Let's start a conversation. Tell me about your particular situation and the characteristics of your ideal home and neighborhood. I'd love to help.
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